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NetDialogue: A Mechanism to Promote Transparency and Public Dialogue in International Net Governance


Issue and Attribution to Categories from the WGIG Inventory

This submission concerns the issue of “Applicable jurisdiction, cross border coordination” as found in the table by the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG),entitled Inventory of Public Policy Issues. The broader WGIG category in which this paper falls is labeled “Other Issues for Consideration.”

In WGIG terms, the Net Dialogue website introduced here is a tool to shed light on how international organizations are dealing with the issue of “applicable jurisdiction and cross border coordination” in international Net governance. At the same time, the site is a tool for promoting public dialogue on these questions. As such, the site serves as a model for how to bring international Net governance into line with some of the principles outlined in the Declaration of Principles agreed at the Geneva phase of the World Summit on the Information Society. ...

Available in English (EN), Chinese (ZH), and Arabic (AR).


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Net Dialogue

The Net Dialogue project strives to encourage greater public access to Net-related rulemaking by intergovernmental organizations, and to engage technologists and policymakers in…