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3 Practical Tools To Help Regulators Develop Better Laws And Policies

3 Practical Tools To Help Regulators Develop Better Laws And Policies

a Policy Paper on Autonomous Vehicles


Regulators and policymakers are driving efforts to deliver the benefits of automated vehicles (AVs) to the public as soon as possible, while minimizing their potential challenges. However, there are still many open questions regarding the best approach to achieving this objective. Key stakeholders—including regulators, policymakers, industry, citizens, and academia—have not yet reached a consensus on the approaches regulators should take in developing robust public policies for the governance of AVs.

Understanding the types of regulatory challenges for AVs and using new practical tools or using traditional tools in a different way, would help with this problem of developing better AV policies and regulations.

This policy paper analyzes several categories of regulatory challenges surrounding AVs and introduces three practical tools (Legal Interfaces, Law Labs, and Structured Dialogues) that can be utilized by policymakers and regulators in developing effective AV policies.

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