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Techtopia’s mission is to illuminate and expand Harvard’s teaching and research efforts on the ethics and governance of emerging digital technologies, and to equip students with the interdisciplinary problem solving techniques and the unique communication skills required to tackle the pressing social, political, ethical, and legal issues at this intersection. 


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Feb 20, 2019

Zittrain and Zuckerberg discuss encryption, ‘information fiduciaries’ and targeted advertisements

CEO visits with students from the University’s Techtopia program and Zittrain’s Internet and Society course

Should Facebook be considered an “information fiduciary” when it comes to the privacy of its clients?

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The Bizarre Accuracy of Online Ads

A Case Study of Trackers on the Internet

Ad tracking services are disturbingly effective.

May 16, 2019

Human Rights, Ethics, and Artificial Intelligence with Harvard Techtopia Students

Harvard students participating in Harvard's inaugural Techtopia group on human rights, ethics, and artificial intelligence.

Dec 9, 2018

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AI: Educational Activities

The Berkman Klein Center has worked to build a robust community and institutional activities leveraging the University as an educational and bridge-building force that has a…