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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

Yarden Katz is a departmental fellow in Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School. His scientific interests are at the interface of artificial intelligence and biology. At Berkman Klein, he is working on understanding the politics and culture of biomedical science. He is particularly interested in how scientific projects are influenced by fields thought to be external to science, like journalism and economics. What questions are prioritized, and which directions get sidelined, by seemingly “non-scientific” considerations? How do these external factors affect the building of a “commons” in biomedical science - and what can biomedical science learn from the software world about commons-building? He will focus on how privatization and the machinery of "intellectual property" law change the practice of academic biomedical research.

He is also interested in how social media changes the way scientists talk about their work, and in turn, how journalists report on it.

He studied philosophy and artificial intelligence as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland and received his PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from MIT.


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