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Tyrene Jones is an advocate and educator with experience as a career development and talent acquisition specialist.

Tyrene’s higher education experience focuses on career development which she considers justice work and a means toward a more equitable world. Tyrene’s roots as an educator begin with her time advising first-generation students at a non-profit college access program at her alma mater, University of Rhode Island. Tyrene has also served as an Assistant Director for students interested in technology, data analytics, entrepreneurship, and the sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and most recently at Harvard University. Tyrene currently serves as Senior Inclusion & Diversity Program Specialist at Qualcomm and is excited to contribute to the Berkman Klein Center to advance dialogue, research, and problem-solving centered on transforming how social networks influence the hiring process of tech companies. In addition, Tyrene explores the legal and social ramifications of equal opportunity in a cyberspace society, and examines dependence on existing social networks contributes to inequity in tech and is often influenced by implicit bias. Tyrene considers this topic one of urgency and has the potential to not only highlight determinants of social capital, but also transform them to make the tech industry a more inclusive one. Lastly, Tyrene also assesses social network disparities associated with the performance of emerging markets in industrialized and developing countries. Her work considers intersections of global cyberspace collectivism and scalability of growing technologies in marginalized areas of the world.