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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

Thomas Streeter

Thomas Streeter is currently studying how legal professionals use technology on a routine basis, particularly online legal databases; he suspects the shift from printed casebooks and citators to online materials has subtly changed some of the underlying conditions of the law. He is interested more in law AS a technology than in one or another aspect of law and technology.

More generally, he is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Vermont, where he studies media, technology, law, and culture. The Net Effect: Romanticism, Capitalism, and the Internet (NYU Press, 2011) is a study of the role of culture in the social construction of internet technology. His award-winning Selling the Air, a study of the cultural underpinnings of the creation of the US broadcast industry and its regulatory apparatus, was published in 1996. He edited, with Zephyr Teachout, a volume about the use of the internet in Howard Dean's run for President, called Mousepads, Shoe Leather, and Hope, published in 2007. He has published articles and chapters in outlets ranging from the Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal to the Journal of Communication to Critical Inquiry.


Mar 26, 2009 @ 6:00 PM

Harvard-MIT-Yale Cyberscholar Working Group

Papers presented at this convening of cyberscholars: 1) These are the Best of Times and these are the Worst of Times: Free Software and the Global Politics of Intellectual…