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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

Simin Kargar is a human rights lawyer with a focus on the interrelations of technology and human rights. She studies harmful speech online, gender-based violence and technology, and the interplays of social media and power.

Simin has published research analyzing the formation of online movements that led to changes in policies, or to creating tangible social impact. Her current research addresses online disinformation against vulnerable commnunities and the social implications of bias in automated systems for underrepresented communities.


Sep 5, 2018

Censorship and Collateral Damage

Analyzing the Telegram Ban in Iran

Analyzing the aftermath of the Telegram ban in Iran, and presenting detailed data on one of the most widely used circumvention tools among Iranians.

Aug 14, 2017

Perspectives on Harmful Speech Online

This collection of short essays and opinion pieces on harmful speech online covers a broad spectrum of thought and ideas from the Berkman Klein community.


New Media & Society
Jan 31, 2019

State-aligned trolling in Iran and the double-edged affordances of Instagram

Investigating the size and perpetrators of online violence, harassment, and abuse against critical members of the Iranian diaspora, including journalists, civil society activists,…


The Washington Post

It’s not just the Russians anymore as Iranians and others turn up disinformation efforts ahead of 2020 vote

BKC affiliate Simin Kargar says Iran for years has harassed journalists, political dissidents and artists in its internal disinformation campaigns

Jul 25, 2019