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Pablo Marcello Baquero is Assistant Professor at HEC Paris and a Chairholder at the Hi! Paris Center on Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Science, Business and Society. He is a member of the Smart Law Hub at HEC Paris, is involved in different interdisciplinary academic communities focused on law and technology and collaborates closely with scholars across different disciplines, in projects at the intersection between law, AI and blockchain. His research examines how legal institutions and technologies can support practices of innovation in a socially and economically inclusive way, contributing to disseminate to most firms the opportunities to produce in the frontiers of innovation and extending the benefits of advanced technologies to society at large in a lawful and ethical way. His work adopts a dual approach, examining how laws and regulations should govern emerging technologies; and researching inside the “black box” of algorithms and technical applications, to both uncover how they operate and could be designed to comply with legal and regulatory objectives. As an affiliate at the BKC, he will be working on different comparative projects on the transatlantic regulation of AI from a rights-based perspective. In particular, he will be examining the interaction between fundamental rights and technical standards in the context of conformity assessments of AI applications.