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Nele Achten is a PhD in Law candidate conducting research on a normative framework to protect against cyber threats.

She studies the concept of maintaining secure information technologies by protecting them as “common good”. Nele is interested in research at the intersection of international law, domestic regulations and new technologies. Recently, she has conducted research on regulations of online speech in Europe and principles for the development and use of AI systems. Her expertise is in European and German law, with a focus on digital human rights. In 2019, she participated in a Sino-European working group on the application of international law in cyberspace. Prior to starting her PhD studies at the University of Exeter, she was a lecturer of constitutional and migration law for law enforcement officers. She is qualified to practice law in Germany and holds a LL.M. from the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. During her legal traineeship with the German government, she worked at a variety of different institution, including the European office for judicial cooperation in criminal matters (Eurojust), the German embassy in Colombia and Amnesty International in Berlin.