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Maggie Brunner

Program Director for NGA Solutions’ Homeland Security & Public Safety

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Maggie Brunner​​ serves as a program director for NGA Solutions’ Homeland Security & Public Safety. Here, Brunner focuses on state cybersecurity policy, homeland security, emergency communications and public safety technology. Prior to joining NGA in 2017, Brunner was an associate at the Police ExecutiveResearch Forum where she worked on homeland security issues that affect state and local law enforcement. She has authored several publications on promising practices for law enforcement in the areas of cybercrime enforcement, the use of technology in criminal investigations, refugee outreach and engagement, school safety, and immigration issues. Brunner also spent several years as a consultant with the Department of Homeland Security in its Office for Civil Rights & Civil Liberties. Brunner holds aJ.D. from William & Mary Law School and a bachelor’s degree in history from Tufts University. Brunner is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia and originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland.