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Keith Porcaro is a lawyer and technologist. His work focuses on the formation of legal norms in a digitizing society.

Keith is the co-founder of Digital Public, which uses trusts to help communities protect and govern digital assets.

Keith is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center, where he teaches a class on Criminal Justice Technology, Policy, and Law, and a fellow at Duke's Center on Law and Technology.

Previously, Keith was CTO/General Counsel at SIMLab, where he helped governments, legal aid organizations, and other nonprofits use technology to make services more accessible. Keith has a JD from Duke Law School and a BSFS from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. He is licensed to practice law in California.




Simulating algorithmic risk assessments at pretrial

A legal education simulation puts students in the role of a county judge at a bail hearing, and prompts them to detain or release individual defendants pending trial.

Jan 8, 2019
SAGE Ocean

How technology fails us, and what we can do about it

Keith Porcaro presents his work on data trusts, a legal tool for governing and protecting digital movements.

Jun 28, 2018