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Joana is Executive Directress and Creative Chaos Catalyst at Coding Rights, a women-run organization working to expose and redress the power imbalances built into technology and its application, particularly those that reinforce gender and North/South inequalities.

Former Mozilla Media Fellow, she is co-creator of several creative projects operating in the interplay between law, arts and technologies, such as,, #safersisters, and Brazilian, with Colombian ancestry, she is engaged in several privacy and security networks, such as Privacy International Network, the feminist hackers collective DeepLab and the Advisory Council of Open Technology Fund, always focused on bringing Latin American perspectives in the search of techno-political frameworks for ethical usages of technologies.


Deep Dives

The Future Is TransFeminist: from imagination to action

Joana Varon describes a new tool designed to help collectively envision ideas for alternative imaginaries of futuristic technologies

Jul 3, 2020

The Ability to Say NO On the Internet

A feminist approach to consent in digital technologies

Feminist research and bridging conversations about consent

Mar 8, 2019