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Jeff Ward aims to ensure that emerging technologies ultimately empower and ennoble all people. Jeff is Director of the Duke Center on Law and Tech and Clinical Professor of Law at the Duke School of Law, where he teaches Contracts and emerging technology-focused courses. He is also affiliate faculty at the Initiative for Science & Society and at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering where he teaches courses on the ethical development and deployment of emerging technologies.

Jeff focuses his scholarship and professional activities on the law and policy of emerging technologies, justice technology innovation, the future of lawyering, and the socio-economic effects of rapid technological change, with a focus on ensuring equitable access to the tools of economic growth and the resources of the law. In all his work on ethical technology development, he focuses on facilitating structures to allow diverse communities of stakeholders to have a voice in their socio-technical futures and on breaking down the habitual walls of law to seek inspiration and engagement from other viewpoints and disciplines.