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Euan Brown

Youth and Media Team

Euan Brown graduated with a BFA from  Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2019. Euan primarily works in illustration and digital art, and hopes to become an illustrator and comic book creator. Euan is interested in online creative content and the value of online discussion. At Youth and Media, Euan has created illustrations that were then paired with YaM reports, blog posts, and major presentations. See some of Euan’s llustrations at

Projects & Tools

Youth and Media

Youth and Media (YaM) encompasses an array of research, advocacy, and development initiatives around youth (age 12-18) and digital technology.


Oct 29, 2019

Youth and Cyberbullying

Another Look

Examining the changing landscape of bullying while acknowledging the convergence between the online and offline world.

May 31, 2019

Youth and Artificial Intelligence

Where We Stand

How can we empower young people to meaningfully interact with AI-based technologies to promote and bolster learning, creative expression, and well-being, while also addressing key…