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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

Erhardt Graeff is a sociologist, designer, and entrepreneur. His work explores creative uses of media and technology for civic engagement and learning.

His latest project is Action Path, a location-based app for civic reflection and engagement. He also works with Media Cloud, a joint project of the Berkman Center and the MIT Center for Civic Media, using which he led research on the impact of media activism around the death of Trayvon Martin. Additionally, Erhardt has written about designing drones to be more civic, bots and information privacy, cyberbullying, and political memes. He regularly leads workshops on civic media and participatory design for students, teachers, and social entrepreneurs.

Erhardt is a PhD candidate in the Center for Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab. He is also a founding trustee of The Awesome Foundation, which gives small grants to innovative and promising projects.


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Oct 22, 2014

Berkman Community Newcomers: Erhardt Graeff

Meet civic media researcher, technologist, and entrepreneur Erhardt Graeff, a 2014-2015 Berkman Fellow and member of MIT Center for Civic Media and MIT Media Lab.