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Chiao-Fang Chen is a public prosecutor from Taiwan.

She deals with money laundering crimes, cyber crimes, IP rights infringements and other important cases. For the purpose of international cooperation to crack down crimes and law enforcement, she joins the Specialization Courses for Prosecutors on International Criminal Justice and International Cooperation in Criminal Matters in the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights and International Association of Prosecutors. She focuses on not only new cyber tools and techniques to track criminals, but also mutual legal assistance on transferring, freezing and seizing assets. She explores among the questions: In what ways does the cross border nature of cyber crime impact legal practice? What are efficient strategies to break through legal barriers to prosecuting these cyber crimes? What are challenges that prosecutors face in investigating and prosecuting money laundering and terrorist financing, and in recovering the proceeds of crime? How to identify useful elements and best practices in the conduct of investigations, prosecutions, convictions and confiscation? She served as a prosecutor in the District Prosecutors Office for more than 12 years, dealing with crimes including fraud, drug trafficking, cybercrime, IP rights infringements, and money laundering cases. She was appointed the Administrative Secretary of medical malpractice claims investigation section in Taichung District Prosecutors Office. She was keynote speaker for medical malpractice claims conferences. Her research while at Berkman Klein contains literature-based research and empirical research methodology. More importantly, by meeting fellows all over the world in Berkman Klein Center she works on forming strong alliances to fight against cyber crimes. International criminal networks are often spread over multiple countries, and foreign jurisdictions may have the missing pieces of information or evidence which facilitate a successful prosecution. Where there are financial or other records located abroad, foreign witnesses whose testimony is critical, or suspects present in another jurisdiction, timely cooperation can be outcome determinative. International co-operation can be critical for the success of investigations and prosecutions and also for asset recovery. From the above studies, she hopes to solve the problems she has encountered in Taiwan.