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Law and the Global Health Crisis – Spring 2015

Professor William Fisher, Assistant Professor Mark Wu
Spring 2015 Reading Group
Meets: T 4:00pm - 6:00pm in Hauser Hall Room 103
1 classroom credit


Many developing countries are already facing or will soon face health crises arising from the increasing incidence of communicable and non-communicable diseases. This Reading Group will explore potential legal and market-based interventions to mitigate the human and economic toll of such diseases. Particular attention will be paid to ways in which pharmaceutical companies, governments, and NGOs might contribute, individually or collaboratively, to the alleviation of the crisis. We will explore the possibility of using incentive schemes (such as prize systems or patent pools), licensing mechanisms, pricing mechanisms, and treaty arrangements to overcome existing constraints. We will also seek to understand the limitations of each approach. No previous coursework in intellectual property or health law is necessary.

Note: The reading group will meet between 4pm and 6pm on six Tuesdays during the spring semester: January 27; February 10 and 24; March 10 and 24; April 7. Inquiries concerning the course should be sent to Kathy Curley,