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Information Superhighway Six: The Tim and Diana Show Edition

ROFLCon, The Network Protection Agency, Harvard Free Culture, and the Public Radio Exchange Proudly Present...

A Gathering Of Boston Tech

May 23rd, 2009, 8:00 PM - 12:00 midnight
Berkman Squared, 50 Church Street, Cambridge MA
RSVP on Upcoming:

Boston is full of cool Internet people. Why aren't they meeting each other?

INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY is Boston's monthly party gathering hackers, activists, artists, designers, nonprofits, startups, academics and general geekery to hang out and connect with one another.

* No agenda, no "networking," no presentations. Just beverages, food, ideas and cool people.
* Best of all the price is free, just like all the hours of aimless rambling you can watch online instead of doing work.
* This time: come out and celebrate the official limited edition DVD box set release of the Tim and Diana Show! Don't trust those poor quality bootlegs that you may have seen floating around online and on sale at the bottom of discount bins around Boston -- for the first time ever, experience the entire 28 episodes of Season 1 collected with special features and director's commentary. Supplies are limited (and will be given away for free).
* Also: hear about our plans to do a live 70 person game of Diplomacy this summer. Woo.

With Featured Guests and Organizations:

* Joshua Gay (CK-12, TextbookRevolution)
* Susan MacPhee (Design 4 Drupal Camp Boston)
* David Nunez and Emily Daniels (Dorkbot Boston)
* Sam Houston (GamerDNA)
* Alexa Scordato (Growing Up Digital)

Also Sponsored By Information Superhighway Alumni:

Beth Coleman and Kevin Driscoll (CMS), Mel Chua (Hello Silo), Steve Garfield (Founder, Boston Media Makers), Nate Aune, Brian Del Vecchio and Jon Pierce (Betahouse), Brett Stilwell (Pecha Kucha Boston), Mac Cowell and Jason Bobe (DIYBio), Keith Hopper (Hopper Analytical / NPR), Andrea Mercado (LibraryTechtonics), Gene Koo (The Berkman Center for Internet and Society), MacKenzie Sigalos and Katelyn Foley (One-For-All), Gary Goldberger (FableVision), Darius Kazemi (Orbus Gameworks/Boston Post Mortem)

Past Event
May 23, 2009 - May 24, 2009
8:00 PM