Berkman Buzz: February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

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Howard Rheingold interviews Eric Gordon about game design for social change for DML 2014


Eric Gordon, Committee Member for the 2014 Digital Media and Learning Conference, explains his conference track, "Playing For Keeps: Gameful Design For Real-World Action and Social Change."

The DML 2014 Conference will be held March 6-8, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts. The DML Conference is supported by the MacArthur Foundation and organized by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub located at the University of California’s systemwide Humanities Research Institute at UC Irvine.

Eric is interviewed by Howard Rheingold, a cyberculture pioneer, social media innovator, and author of "Smart Mobs."

From Howard Rheingold's interview with Eric Gordon for DML 2014, "DML2014 – Eric Gordon, Committee Member"
About Eric | @ericbot

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'Open Access' by @petersuber Named Outstanding Academic Title
Berkman Center (@berkmancenter)

Camille Francois explores bitcoin mining with botnets

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A theoretical question on my mind: has anyone ever tried putting a voluntary botnet at work to mine crypto-currencies for philanthropic fundraising purposes?

Botnets mining bitcoins (botcoins!) is no new idea. Though usually there not voluntary botnets, and they mine for profit, which makes it a criminal activity. See ZeroAccess for instance. Or ESEA, the gaming company that got caught mining behind its user’s backs (“serious gamers like ESEA’s customers made excellent soldiers for a botnet army: Gaming machines have powerful graphical processing units that are pretty good at bitcoin mining”). They got sued for it in the States, which gives us a nice peak into a legal discussion around non-voluntary botnet bitcoin mining.

From Camille Francois's blog post, "Cryptivism: Voluntary Botnet Bitcoin Mining Fundraising?"
About Camille | @camillefrancois

Bruce Schneier argues against moving NSA surveillance data to private companies

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If the corporations are storing the data already—for some business purpose—then the answer is easy: Only they should store it. If the corporations are not already storing the data, then—on balance—it's safer for the NSA to store the data. And in many cases, the right answer is for no one to store the data. It should be deleted because keeping it makes us all less secure.

From Bruce Schneier's post for Slate, "Let the NSA Keep Hold of the Data"
About Bruce | @schneierblog

Nick Grossman considers real world vs. Internet-style regulation

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Tomorrow, the taxi committee of Seattle’s City Council is voting on proposed new regulations for ridesharing services. The gist of the proposed regulations is to treat rideshare vehicles (such as those dispatched by Sidecar, Lyft in the US, and and BlaBlaCar in Europe) like taxis — imposing a traditional regime of licensing, inspection, limitations and disclosure.

The proposed Seattle regulations are a perfect example of a “1.0” trust regime. Build a high bar for participation, where new actors (TNC companies, drivers) must prove a lot up front and ask permission to operate. This is how we’ve regulated the real world in the industrial era. This is NOT how things are typically regulated in the internet era.

From Nick Grossman's blog post, "Should we regulate the Internet the real world way or the real world the Internet way?"
About Nick | @nickgrossman

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New on Herdict blog: Bing Needs to Explain Its Search Algorithms: This week, Microsoft’s Bing search engine wa... (@herdict)

GV Face: This Valentine's Day, Love and Courtship Across Borders

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Happy Valentine's Day! This February 14 we are talking about love and courtship around the world. We'll be sharing stories from the Global Voices community, including a lovely first-hand account from the couple Sylwia Presley and Dan Braghis who met through Global Voices, a daughter who told her father she got married via text message, and a story of modern love with a traditional twist from Pakistan.

From Sahar Habib Ghazi's post for Global Voices, "GV Face: This Valentine's Day, Love and Courtship Across Borders"
About Global Voices Online | @globalvoices

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