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April's "Word to the Herd," from Herdict

April's "Word to the Herd," from Herdict

New reporting facilities + Country Leadership program

From this month's Word to the Herd newsletter, from Herdict:

Hello again,

It's been awhile since we updated you on Herdict's progress, and we have a lot of things to share!

We're pleased to announce our new Country Leadership program; Country Leaders are volunteers who help the Herdict team by updating country queues and spreading the word via social media. We're kicking off the program with 7 leaders from all over the world, from Guatemala to Kyrgyzstan! To keep up with their global insights, keep an eye on the Herdict blog.

Lastly, did you know that you can now report inaccessible and accessible sites to Herdict via Twitter? It's true! Just tweet your report to @HerdictReport; the instructions are here.

As always, keep using Herdict, and let us know if you have any questions or comments to share!


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Herdict collected and disseminated real-­time, crowdsourced information about Internet filtering, denial of service attacks, and other blockages.