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Herdict launches Russian and Persian interfaces

Herdict launches Russian and Persian interfaces

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society announces the launch of Persian ( and Russian ( interfaces for Herdict Web, a project that aims to provide a clear picture of Web site accessibility around the world by utilizing crowdsourcing. Herdict tracks government and workplace filtering, server outages, and other types of inaccessibility.

Herdict gathers user-generated reports about Web site accessibility from around the world to draw a real-time image of which websites are inaccessible, in which countries and for how long. Users can participate in the initiative by either going directly to the site or by downloading a browser add-on for Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Herdict Web launched in February 2009 to great accolades and has since received visitors from over 150 countries and over 100,000 reports.

Arabic and Chinese versions of the site are also available.

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Herdict collected and disseminated real-­time, crowdsourced information about Internet filtering, denial of service attacks, and other blockages.