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 Radio Berkman 135: The Quest for a Free Culture

Radio Berkman 135: The Quest for a Free Culture

From the MediaBerkman blog:

"There are few subjects more potentially divisive as the Free Culture movement. Free Culture activists believe in a future in which people will be free to remix and distribute creative works like literature, movies, music, software, and images. These are the folks who can toss around phrases like 'Free as in Speech versus Free as in Beer' to illustrate distinctions in legal code."

A world where anyone can feel free to edit a photo, remix a song or video, or modify a piece of software without the constraint of excessive laws or artificial limits – sounds great, right? But it raises more questions than you might think.

Gabriella Coleman is an Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University who has given a lot of thought to the role of genre and piracy in how we might build a Free Culture that works.

She sat down with our guest host Elizabeth Stark for a word or two on some of the toughest questions facing Free Culture.


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