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OneWebDay 2008

OneWebDay 2008

Internet Lexicon, Berkman@10 Bestiario-style, more

It's OneWebDay!
and there are lots of celebrations and substantive events underway online (e.g., see's state-by-state resource on broadband deployment) and offline.
For info on all of the happenings and for ways to get involved, visit the OWD main site.

Various Berkman folk are out and about supporting OWD this year. (Inter alia, Berkman Fellow Wendy Seltzer was added to The e-Democracy Time Capsule.)
You can join in by adding to The Internet Lexicon, which David Weinberger describes as follows:

The Internet Lexicon ( provides witty and appropriate definitions for the the names of well-known Web folks. For example, Lisa Stone, the organizer of the BlogHer conference is defined as: "(n) An object used to break a hard substance. E.g., 'I'd like to lease a stone to throw against that glass ceiling.'" Kahle (as in Brewster Kahle, the creator of the Internet Archive) is defined simpy as "A healthful leafy vegetable that improves memory." The Lexicon is a wiki to which all can contribute. It is intended in good fun (meanness is not allowed) as a way of celebrating the pleasure that comes from collaborative creation. (It is modeled very directly on the The Philosophical Lexicon (

Or, if you missed it this June, check out Berkman summer intern Zack McCune's Noe Web Day journal.

Over the summer, Zack McCune also took the lead in rethinking the materials from Berkman@10.
We began Berkman@10 -- our tenth anniversary, the 2007-2008 academic year -- with an OWD luncheon on the future of the Net. Today, we revisit our anniversary with an OWD launch: of a portal for navigating outputs from "The Future of the Internet" conference, the finale of Berkman@10. "Portal" is perhaps too thin a word to describe what the good people at Barcelona-based Bestiario produced in consultation with Zack.
Zack explains the project on his blog.
Once you've perused Zack's rundown, check out the new Berkman@10 interface, by Bestiario.