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PRX Launches the Public Radio Tuner iPhone App

PRX Launches the Public Radio Tuner iPhone App

Our friends over at the Public Radio Exchange are making it easier for you to access public radio everywhere you go. This week they launched the Public Radio Tuner iPhone App. According to the Public Radio Tuner website,

The application will serve end users by initially offering access to local stations’ internet radio streams. Additional versions will offer program/content guides along with a catalog of on-demand audio content from local, independent, and national content providers. CONTINUED

Doc Searls celebrates the app's launch and asks us to join the process of making it better on his blog:

An app like the Public Radio Tuner is more of a live than a static thing. But it’s easy, as a user, to relate to it as a static thing. Because at any one time it does have more static qualities than live ones. Imagine a house you can remodel easily and often, and at low cost and inconvenience. That’s kind of what we have here. A cross between product and process — that looks the former even when it’s doing the latter. Anyway…

Though this grant is for an iTunes app, work is sure to go on to other platforms as well — such as Android. So, rather than criticize this app for coming out first on the iPhone, please provide feedback and guidance for next steps beyond this first effort (and join me in giving the developers a high five for delivering a functional app in a remarkably short time). And in the reviews section at iTunes, provide honest and constructive reviews. At this stage I’m sure they’ll be good. CONTINUED

Doc and PRX are still working on an exciting component to the project: a VRM element that will allow users to make financial contributions for their favorite content.

Congratulations, PRX, on yet another job well done!

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