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The Citizen Media Law Project follows the Quash of the Seidel Subpoena

From the Citizen Media Law Project blog...

A federal magistrate judge in New Hampshire has quashed the subpoena issued to Kathleen Seidel. Seidel publishes the blog Neurodiversity, where she writes about autism issues. In February 2008, she wrote about a lawsuit against various vaccine manufacturers, Sykes v. Bayer, in which the plaintiffs Lisa and Seth Sykes seek to link exposure to mercury to their son's autism. (For more on her statements about the lawsuit, see my previous post: Blogger Kathleen Seidel Fights Subpoena Seeking Information About Vaccine Litigation.)



Please join us on May 6 for a luncheon talk from the CMLP!   They'll give us an update on all they've been up to.

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