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Next Stop: Cambridge

Next Stop: Cambridge

The book is out...and in addition to spreading across the 'Net like wildfire, it is coming to Cambridge!  

Join us on Friday to hear Berkman co-founder and faculty co-director Jonathan Zittrain talk about the book that's making waves, The Future of the Internet--And How to Stop It.

In their review of the book, "How the iPhone is killing the 'Net," Network World writes,

...Zittrain argues that today’s era of generative PCs combined with a generative Internet is coming to an end. By generative, he means systems that can be leveraged to many tasks, are adaptable to a range of uses, easy to master, accessible to many and allow for changes to be easily transferred.

"The status quo is drawing to a close, confronting us -- policymakers, entrepreneurs, technology providers and, most importantly, Internet and PC users -- with choices we can no longer ignore," he writes...

IT professionals will like this book because it’s brimming with gratitude for geeks, hobbyists and other tinkerers who know how to leverage the openness and flexibility of PCs and the Internet. And it’s a call to arms to these folks not to succumb to the ease of iPhones, Blackberries and Google Apps.

Following last Friday's talk in New York City, Professor Zittrain is coming to speak on the Harvard Law campus this Friday at 6:00 pm.  And he'll be on the road through the spring - check out all of his speaking engagements over at the book's homepage.


As part of his tour, Professor Zittrain will be back here once again for Berkman@10, our tenth anniversary conference.  Registration is open!

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