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Zeitfunk 2007 and Other Radio Gems

The Public Radio Exchange has announced their Zeitfunk winners for 2007.  They write:

"The Zeitfunk results are in! 2007 was a truly exciting year for PRX. More pieces were licensed by stations in 2007 than any previous year: over 8,000. PRX attracted 14,079 new members, and racked up over 1,000 new reviews.

Thousands of public radio fans helped us find three of the "hostiest" new talents through the Public Radio Talent Quest. And we re-launched the Generation PRX site so it's more interactive and encourages social networking among the dozens of youth radio groups already participating.

Congratulate our 2007 Zeitfunk winners. Scroll down to view more results in each category.

And, don't miss the most popular piece lengths, "Favoriting" facts, weird Google searches, state and country membership stats, or staff yearbook awards and haikus!"

Also, if you're a radio listener and follow the news from and history of Africa, historians Peter Alegi and Peter Limb have launched a new podcast, "Africa Past & Present," from Michigan State University.  "Our mission is to broaden the availability and accessibility of cutting-edge knowledge relating to African experiences and to do so in a down-to-earth and informed manner," they say.  Congrats to them for taking up podcasting, and you can listen to and learn more about it on its site

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