Internet birthdays

April 2, 2008

The Berkman Center's tenth anniversary celebration, Berkman@10, continues full steam (up next: Lawrence Lessig this Friday; please join us!). The celebration will have spanned the 2007-2008 academic year. But we're not the only organization toasting a significant birthday in '07 and '08.

Last fall, nonprofit TRUSTe celebrated its tenth. Creative Commons reflected on its fifth, and, yesterday, CC announced exciting developments in its "maturation from a startup into crucial infrastructure." And, Monday, Mozilla raised a glass to "3/31," March 31, 1998, the date when the first Mozilla code was released under an open source license.

Congratulations all around! And here's to another 5 or 10 or more into the future.

(If you know of other, related organizations celebrating birthdays this year, then please let us know.)


Please join us May 15-16 for the Berkman@10 conference -- "The Future of the Internet" -- where we will, together, trace the trajectory of the past and attempt to lean into the future, asking, What are the contours of the moment we find ourselves in? What are the most important questions that will propel us into the next decade?

Registration is open for the conference and for the Berkman@10 gala, and we are accepting nominations for the first-ever Berkman Awards, which will be presented to people or institutions that have made a significant contribution to the Internet and its impact on society over the past decade.

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