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Berkman@10 in Tech...nicolor

Berkman alum William McGeveran blogged about logos today over at Info/Law, the blog he shares with Derek Bambauer and Tim Armstrong, also Berkman alums.  And with perfect timing, Bill has queued us up to display the new Berkman@10 logo!

Bill writes, “Last month, law blogger Eric Turkewitz of the New York Personal Injury Law Blog published this post about a judicial decision overturning a federal statute that’s relevant to liability of rental car companies. He illustrated the post with the logos of Avis and Hertz. The other day, as Turkewitz explains here, he received the following communication as a comment on the original post:

We have the greatest respect for your right to express your opinions on your blog, but that does not include the right to use Avis’ trademark as you have done in this particular piece.

Understandably, trademark law is not within your area of expertise…We ask that you remove it immediately and refrain from any similar use in the future.

Fred Grumman
Associate General Counsel
Avis Budget Group, Inc

Memo to Mr. Turkewitz: Don’t do it!...”

Alternately, we hope you’ll take the B@10 logo and run with it!  Even though the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse is on hand to help navigate the murky waters of cease & desist notices, we encourage you to take our logo and display it with pride.  All of our project logos are available as badges, as well.  We haven’t been around for ten years on our own; the great contributions and support of many has continued to drive Berkman, our mission, and the research forward.  We hope this year you will join us in celebrating the work we have accomplished together in the past ten years, so keep an eye out for more Berkman@10 information and design!