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A Special One Web Day / Berkman @ 10 Luncheon Series on “The Future of the Net”

In the spirit of One Web Day, a celebration of global online life taking place on September 22nd, as well as Berkman’s 10th anniversary, we dedicated today’s luncheon series to a discussion on “The Future of the Net.” In a packed house, four Berkman Faculty/Fellows talked about their visions of the Net 10 years from now.  Presenters included: MIT Media Lab professor Judith Donath, CALI fellow Gene Koo, visiting assistant professor at Northeastern School of Law Wendy Seltzer, and Berkman co-founder Jonathan Zittrain.

If you missed the luncheon, or attended - at the Center or virtually - and want to see it again, the podcast will be available on MediaBerkman shortly.