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Berkman@10 Conference: The Future of the Internet

Berkman@10 Conference: The Future of the Internet

Agenda is now online, and registration is open!

Join us May 15-16 for what promises to be a unique gathering of Internet luminaries, cyberlawyers, entrepreneurs, activists, geeks, media makers and journalists, students, and more. The Berkman@10 Conference offers a chance to reflect critically on the last ten years of the development of the Internet and to look ahead to the crucial questions we face in the next ten years of cyberspace.

In tracing the trajectory of the past and attempting to lean into the future, what are the contours of the moment we find ourselves in? What are the most important questions that will propel us into the next decade?

The agenda is now online -- including sessions on:
* Anonymity, Privacy and Identity: Towards a Bill of User rights
* Democratized and Distributed Innovation
* The Dilemma of Games: Moral choice in a Digital World
* Framing the Net: What We Say is What We Get
* The Global Internet: Emerging Tech in Emerging Markets
* Internet Censorship and Surveillance: A Multi-Stakeholder Response
* The Musician and the Scientist Write the Code: Protocols for Compensation and Openness
* Netizenship: Engaging with Race and Diversity Online
* Networked News and Public Discourse
* Open Access: Problems of Collective Action and Promises of Civic Engagement
* Political Mobilization, the Internet and the 2008 Elections
* Technology and Political Transparency

Registration is now open for the Conference and for a special, celebratory Gala on the evening of May 16.

Academic researchers, policy experts, lawyers, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and anyone concerned about the future of the Internet are invited to join us for the Conference, the Gala, and the Berkman@10 lead up events, including Lawrence Lessig on April 4.