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Lisa Stone on the future of women and the Internet

Lisa Stone on the future of women and the Internet

Last week, BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone spoke as part of the Berkman@10 speaker series. Media from her talk, "What Women Want: How Candidates and Companies Hurt and Help Themselves with Women Today," is now available on the Berkman Interactive page.

Lisa Stone posted the transcript and shared some of her thoughts on the talk on her own blog.

Here's my point for the future of the Internet: What women say online is evolving both because of the new social technologies at our disposaland because of the validation and confirmation women are receiving from other women using social media....With social media, we act -- we tell the world with a few keystrokes, on our blogs and social sites. And, lo and behold, the world acts back -- the very same world in which women have never achieved parity on op-ed pages or in public office. So what does positive reinforcement beget?  More action. This is the opportunity in front of us with women online.

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