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Derek Slater

Archived Biography: Derek Slater was a fellow at the Berkman Center while a senior at Harvard College, focusing his efforts on the Digital Media Project. After joining the Center in 2002, he contributed to the Project's study of the legal, policy, and business issues raised by the Internet's disrupting the production and consumption of copyrighted works. Derek was a lead author of Content and Control: Assessing the Impact of Policy Choices on Potential Online Business Models and contributed substantially to the case study iTunes: How Copyright, Contract, and Technology Shape the Business of Digital Media, as well as the foundational white paper Copyright and Digital Media in a Post-Napster World.

He tracks developments in digital media at his popular weblog A Copyfighter's Musings and has served as an intern for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Creative Commons, and the Samuelson Clinic for Law, Technology, and Public Policy.

Derek currently serves as Policy Analyst for Google, Inc.

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November 20, 2008