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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

Michelle Spaulding

Archived Biography: Michelle received her J.D. from Harvard Law School and was a Berkman Fellow, telecommuting from Los Angeles. Her interests lie in the areas of Internet intellectual property, distance learning, and sales taxation of e-commerce.

Her role at the Berkman Center had her coordinating the Center's distance learning programs. In addition, she worked with a team of Berkmanites to produce an MP3 conference and concert to be held in February '00, addressing the business and intellectual property implications of producing and distributing music on the internet. Projects have included developing the Center's MP3 information site, working on CyberJam, and serving as the Head Teaching Fellow for Berkman Professor Terry Fisher's Intellectual Property in Cyberspace.

While at HLS, Michelle devoted most of her time to the research and study of legal policy issues relating to the internet. She published model legislation to address sales taxation of electronic commerce with the Harvard Legislative Research Bureau, and wrote a paper on internet-based distance learning - specifically targeting how available technology can be used to teach law online.

Michelle's research is focused on building community in cyberspace and ways that community can be used to enhance the experience of those who work and learn remotely. In this aspect, she is using her own life as a testbed. She telecommutes from her home office, where she also cares for her two young children, and is learning firsthand which areas still need improvement.


Aug 31, 1999

MP3: Copyright Protection for Music on the Move

The Internet has become notorious for the frenetic pace at which its enabling technologies engender movements which impact the lives and interests of those who deal in its realm…