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Blythe A. Holden

Archived Biography: Blythe is a 1997 graduate of Harvard Law School, and returned to Cambridge after five years of practice in the areas of technology and intellectual property law. After graduation from the Law School, Blythe served as an associate in intellectual property and information technology related matters at the law firm of Latham & Watkins in Los Angeles, California.

In the Internet heyday, Blythe joined a start-up within the idealab! family: "The .tv Corporation," informally known as "dot-TV." Blythe served as the company's Associate General Counsel through the Internet boom times--and doomsdays. The company was sold to VeriSign, Inc., a parent to many subsidiary companies, including Network Solutions, Inc., which operates the ubiquitous ".com" web address database. VeriSign and Network Solutions now together continue the operation of the ".tv" extension and the relationship with the nation of Tuvalu.

At the Berkman Center Blythe coordinated a project exploring Digital Media in Cyberspace, in conjunction with Gartner|G2, the business strategy research arm for Gartner, Inc. Where does a consumer's right end and piracy begin? What obligation, if any, does technology have to protect the rights of copyright holders? And at whose expense?

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