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What Makes Information Valuable? Information Quality, Revisited

What Makes Information Valuable? Information Quality, Revisited

Urs Gasser shares some thoughts on information quality:

The Internet, at least in its first decades of existence and interacting with non-technical enablers, has fundamentally changed the ways in which information is created, distributed, accessed, and (re-)used. These tectonic shifts have not only led to an unprecedented amount of information, but also to a qualitative change in the information ecosystem. Particularly, traditional gatekeepers such editorial boards and professional routines, have become less important as guarantors of certain levels of information quality. The rise of new gatekeepers such as search engines and information aggregators and the introduction of new quality “control” mechanisms — ranging from reputation and rating systems to filters — offer a richer set of issues to consider when exploring IQ in the digitally connected environment when compared to the analog world...

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