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Two new Berkman Fellows

Today, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society warmly welcomes two exceptional new Fellows to the Berkman community.

Peter Suber will join the Center for a special joint fellowship with the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication and the Harvard Law School Library. Professor Suber will be focusing on Open Access documentation efforts, as well as outreach around Open Access, across Harvard and beyond.

Christian Sandvig will join the Center in early summer. Professor Sandvig will be developing a comparative, multidisciplinary approach to understanding Internet infrastructure and help Berkman, now a University-wide center, to foster broad, innovative dialogue across Harvard. (Bonus, 5/5/09: Christian Sandvig speaks about the state of US Internet infrastructure on Illinois Public Media's Focus 580 with David Inge.)


The full 2009-2010 class of Berkman Center Fellows, new and returning, will be officially announced later this month: here.