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Live Webcast Help

Quicktime Streaming at the Berkman Center

The Berkman Center runs streaming audio and video off of its very own Quicktime streaming server,

The server produces two sorts of streams: Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and ordinary HTTP streams. Most webcasts will be available at the following URLS:

Whenever possible, please use the RTSP protocol - it reduces server load significantly and may also improve your listening/viewing experience.

In theory, RTSP streams should be playable with a wide variety of streaming players; at this time, however, we can only support the use of the Quicktime player for streams.

Troubleshooting Quicktime Streaming

If you are having difficulty hearing or seeing a Quicktime stream, please ensure you have checked for the following:

  • QuickTime is installed. If Quicktime is not installed on your system, it is available as a small download here for Windows and Macintosh. There is no Quicktime player for *nix or BSD operating systems at this time.
  • Your connection speed is set correctly. Choose the correct speed for your internet connection within Quicktime preferences.If you do not know what your connection speed is, you can use to test the speed of your connection.
  • Streaming Transport is set to Automatic. You can make this change from the Quicktime Control Panel in Windows or in System Preferences on Mac OS X. If the automatic setting doesn't work, try changing it to HTTP port 80.
  • Your firewall and/or router are properly configured. It is possible that your firewall may block the stream or that your router may not pass the stream correctly. Try temporarily disabling the firewall to see if the stream works or have your network administrator look into it. Your network administrator may have to check into the router setup as well if it is determined to be the cause.

For what it's worth, Apple Quicktime troubleshooting help is available here.

If you have persistent problems for reasons other than the above, please contact us at

Live Webcast

Watch the live webcast of Berkman's Tuesday Luncheons and other Berkman events...