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This is the course wiki for the Spring 2009 Harvard Law School seminar The Internet: Issues at the Frontiers, LAW-99045A (abbreviated name: iif). It is taught by Professors William Fisher and Jonathan Zittrain and meets Mondays from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM in Hauser 105.

Course description:

This seminar explores frontiers question involving the Internet. Anticipated issues involve innovation, copyright, new uses of the wiki form, prediction markets, democratic polarization, and collective intelligence. Students will be expected to participate actively in innovative course design, and we might attempt to involve numerous people all over the world in the course through the Internet.


Unless otherwise indicated, dates given are for normal class meetings from 5-7PM on Monday nights.


Note: Every page of the IIF wiki is public and indexed by search engines, although only registered users may edit entries. Thus, your posts may be read by people outside the Spring 2009 IIF class.