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(Help on these notes are welcomed, btw.)



We are still on for Mondays, thanks to extensive feedback.


(ok, we'll update this with names later)

  • lots of professors
  • iif-team


Let's go through what people think they're doing this semester. Let's go through the process of putting together a syllabus.

Briefing papers

To differentiate this from a survey course, and get some background out of the way, we might want to prepare (for each topic)

  • Briefing paper to get people up to speed
  • What are the questions at the frontier that remain unresolved?


In general, things (readings etc) should be locked down by the start of the preceding week's class. (Ex: if your date is Feb 9th, readings should be locked by Feb 2nd.)

Mapping out how you are going to use your time in advance is good.

Things to consider

  • How do we Deploy Our Guests? (Operation: Deploy-A-Guest)
  • Taking Guests To Dinner (Operation: Feed-A-Guest)

Technologies to learn about

Groups that advise the usage of certain technologies for their session are responsible for training and providing resources and otherwise making sure that the class is ready to use that technolog for their session.


We'll do it on our own, with groups sourcing food for various weeks.