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Wherein we learn How This Class Works. (Note: The content of this page may eventually migrate to the Main Page.)

Preferences for use of attributed material

  • Please indicate your preference on Permissions for usage of material.

Session design

Class sessions are designed and run by student groups; see Scheduling for details.

See Session checklist for things you might want to look at if you are a group planning a session or debriefing afterwards.


We aim to feed people during class, to make up for weird evening times and a somewhat ambitious workload.

Food will be handled by the group that ran the previous week's class; the last group will handle the first group's food. The budget is $200 (but less preferred; we'll review this number in a week to check for sanity), and you are feeding 30 people, some of whom may be veg(etari)an (groups should feel free to make a more exhaustive survey of dietary needs).