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Who: Dharmishta is in a course called The Power of Networked Learning over at the Ed school. Since she's been collaborating with JZ and others since last fall to brainstorm this course, she's turning this course into a research project.

What: She wants to study what works about this whole wiki/twitter/video/etc in the class(seminar)room, why it works (or doesn't!) and how it is perceived among students in the class.

When/Where: Meeting with you individually--check your e-mail periodically, she'll be personally inviting you soon.

Why: Wiki in classroom, students teaching law seminar, videoconferencing guest speakers, finding (un?)useful situations for twitter--what's not to study?!


This is a space for suggestions for ways to study our course. Thanks!!

So far I'm going to be doing one-on-one interviews and also doing an online survey of class. All of these results will be kept anonymous and I'll only be reporting the aggregate answers of the class. -Dharmishta