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FAQ Summer 2024 Internship

FAQ: Summer 2024 Internship

Please thoroughly review this program FAQ before reaching out to with questions.


Will you interview me for a position?

While we would love to talk with all applicants, we will only be contacting selected candidates for interviews.


When will I know whether or not I’m selected for an interview?

We move through our review as comprehensively and thoughtfully as possible. We expect to begin contacting selected candidates as soon as we can. We do not have a specific date by which this will happen. Please know that we are working as fast and mindfully as we can, and very much appreciate your patience.


May I call or email you to find out more information about the status of my application?

We are carefully reviewing each application and are working to keep the highly dynamic review process moving forward. So that we can focus our energy on the review and on getting answers back to you, please do not call or email me or the Center to get information about the status of your application. We will not be able to provide a status update for you.


What if I want two positions equally, or what if I am interested in more than two positions?

You need to choose which role you are the most interested in and apply to that position first. Should you indicate interest in a second role it will be understood that that position is your second priority. You can apply to a maximum of two positions.


What is the difference between Research Assistant (RA) and Intern roles?

RA and Intern roles are similarly involved in Berkman projects, working alongside staff and community members to substantively contribute to research. RA refers to the positions we have open during the academic year, and Intern refers to the roles that we have open during the summertime. The 2024 summer internship program also invites participation in a faculty lecture series. We aim to support networking, collaboration, and peer learning between RAs and interns.


What if I am not a student?

These opportunities are geared towards current undergraduate and graduate students, but we also welcome others, such as part-time students or recent graduates, to apply. Review each job description for specific degrees or topic areas desired for each role.


I am a high school student. Am I eligible?

Unfortunately high school students are not eligible for this summer’s internship program.


Do you want letters of recommendation?

No thank you!


Are these jobs benefits-eligible?

No, there is no benefits package associated with these roles.


When will I know if I am not selected as an intern?

All applicants - those we select, and those we're unfortunately unable to - will be notified when we have finalized our selection process.


Are the dates of these positions fixed?

The start date for all summer interns will be June 3, 2024. Roles will end on or around August 16, 2024, depending on project needs and candidate availability. 


The application dates have passed but I did not get the chance to submit my application. Can I apply late?

No, unfortunately we cannot accept late applications for any reason.


I am interested in applying but will not be located in the US in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, or Washington state from June-August. Am I eligible?

You are unfortunately not eligible for this summer's internship opportunities, at this time we can only hire people who will be working from within the US, from any one of the eligible states listed above.


May I relocate to one of the eligible states for the summer in order to become eligible?

Yes, if you reside in/relocate to one of the eligible states, even if just for the full period of summer internship employment, this would satisfy this part of the hiring requirement. Please note that relocation expenses are not covered.


Can I work out of the Center’s offices if I am in the Cambridge/Boston area?

Hired interns who reside locally in Cambridge/Boston are welcome to spend time in person at the Center and co-work from flexible spaces at the Center’s offices, as are hired interns who plan a visit to the area during any other points throughout the summer. Note that the Berkman Klein Center offices will be closed on holidays.


May I volunteer as an intern with the Berkman Center for the summer?

We do not work with volunteers for projects in the same way we work with interns. You can still engage with the Center’s work in other ways without formal affiliation. Please sign up for our weekly newsletter, the Berkman Klein Buzz, to learn more about events and research coming from the Center that may be of interest to you. If you are an active Harvard student, you can also use your Harvard email address to sign up for our Harvard Student Bulletin, which is a monthly email of BKC opportunities and events specific to Harvard students, active during the fall and spring semesters.


Am I eligible to be selected for an internship if I’m an international student studying at a U.S. institution and qualify for CPT or OPT?

If this is relevant to you, you should be in touch with the relevant administrative office responsible for handling CPT and OPT employment considerations at your home institution. We have been able to hire summer interns in the past with CPT or OPT. Selected internship applicants who make it to the hiring stage must work with their host institution and Harvard’s International Office to declare their status.


How can I learn about opportunities for future student summer programming?

The best way to stay up-to-date on opportunities at the Berkman Klein Center is to sign up for the weekly Buzz, and if you are a Harvard student, consider signing up for the Harvard Student Bulletin as well. Our programming is dynamic and shifts to meet the needs of the changing Internet & Society space.


Summer 2024 Internship Program

Berkman Klein Center interns are deeply and substantively involved in the operation of the Berkman Klein Center’s projects, programs, and other effort...