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Rebooting Social Media Pop-up Institute


This summer's initiative is to lay the groundwork for a longer-term project on “rebooting social media”. Broadly, the longer-term project aims to contribute to the growing body of work on social media: more clearly defining the harms and problems of social media; envisioning new, healthier futures for online social engagement; forging and testing new and under-discussed ideas to make progress in this space; and partnering to implement and socialize the best of these ideas to impact broad change. This summer, we seek to map the existing research and programming landscape to better understand the gaps and core questions for our longer-term project.

For this initiative, your role may include:
- Conducting literature reviews
- Distilling key themes from articles, research papers, events, and ongoing programming
- Synthesizing research findings in summaries, research agendas, or other written outputs to inform the planning, programming, and research agenda of the long-term project