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Lumen’s Summer Project RAs will primarily be responsible for manually reviewing documents in the Lumen database that require redaction prior to being attached to notices, because they may contain sensitive material such as personally identifying information or allegedly defamatory content.

Beyond these ongoing redaction duties, and depending on interest and skills, Lumen RAs may also be asked to assist with other aspects of Lumen’ activities, including:

- Working within the Lumen database to facilitate research agendas.
- Creating or editing material for the Lumen website.
- Writing blog entries for the website discussing current events as they relate to online expression, and assessing the climate for Internet speech. These provide a good chance to post your work online quickly. These posts can be on topics of your choosing, or on suggestions from Lumen staff.
- Helping (when schedule permits) with Lumen online events. 

Additionally, Lumen will hire a Summer Research RA to work directly with Lumen Research Fellow Shreya Tewari in the following ways: 

- Assisting with the development of Lumen Research Fellow’s research paper.
- Reviewing existing literature (such as research papers, articles, policy briefs and legislations among other material), and preparing short summary of findings on material thematically related to copyright and content takedown.
- Assisting Research Fellow with conducting research in the Lumen database to build on the existing corpus of ‘false/fraudulent’ copyright takedown notices.
- Participating in conversations with other stakeholders including OSPs, academics and researchers and learning from their experiences with content takedown to continue evolving the research and research methodology. 

Please specify whether you’re applying for the Project RA position or the Research RA position in your cover letter.