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Applying for a 2020-2021 Fellowship through the Open Call - Application Tracker Instructions

2020-2021 Open Call for Fellows

Below you can find a step-by-step guide for submitting a 2020-2021 fellowship application through the Application Tracker.

To register an account in the Application Tracker:

  • Click on the application link at:
  • Click on the register link where it says “Log In or Register to Apply to This Job.” The link is about a quarter of the way down the page near the left hand side.
  • Fill out the required fields in the registration page and click register. After clicking register, you should be brought back to the job application page.

To start your application and add reference info:

  • From the job page at, click on the link that reads “Apply to this job.”
    Fill out the required fields, and click save. After clicking save, you will automatically be brought to a new page into which you will submit reference info.
    On the new page, you will provide the name and contact information for one of the people who will provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf - you will see on the page that it says Reference 1 of 2.  After adding in the information, click "Submit" - this will send your reference an email, and will bring you to a new page.
    On this new page, you will enter the information for the second person who will provide a recommendation letter - it will say Reference 2 of 2.  Add the information and click "Submit."
    After submitting the information for both references, you will be brought to a page showing your account and application status.

To add additional application information, upload application materials, and submit your application:

After creating a profile and submitting names and contact information for two references so they can upload letters, you can submit the rest of your application materials.

  • Click on the job application link at:
  • Click on the link at the top of that page that reads “Apply to this job.”
  • On this new page, you will answer prompts under the heading “Additional Information,” and attach required documents under the heading “Job Application Materials.”
  • When you’ve double-checked all of the information you have inputted into the fields and documents, take a deep breath and click the button on the bottom that says “Submit Application.”
  • Congrats - you’ve submitted the application! You will receive a submission confirmation email.

To edit your application before the application deadline:

If you want to edit your submitted application before the application deadline, click on the “My Job Applications” tab within the system, click on the "edit" link near the right side of the page, and edit your custom field answers, or upload new versions of your resume or cover letter and delete previous versions. Make sure you remember to click the “Save Edits” button to preserve any changes!

To see if recommendation letters have been submitted:

Both you and your reference will receive a letter to confirm the upload of a recommendation letter. You can also view the status of the letters from within the system by clicking on the "Edit Referrals" link within the "My Job Applications" tab, and looking at the "Date Received" column.

To resend a link to your reference at which they will upload their letter of recommendation:

Click on the "Edit Referrals" link within the "My Job Applications" tab. On the new page, click on the "Resend Referral Request" link and your reference will receive a new email with a link for letter upload.

To edit your reference’s information (email address, etc.):

Click on the "Edit Referrals" link within the "My Job Applications" tab. On the new page, click on the “Edit” link next to their name. Once you have made edits, be sure to click “Submit” to save your changes. 

To change a reference to a different person:

If a reference you provided at the beginning of your application can no longer provide a letter of recommendation, you will want to first delete their information by navigating to the "Edit Referrals" link within the "My Job Applications" tab. On the new page, click the “Remove” button to the right, confirming the pop-up prompt asking you if you are sure you want to remove them. To add the new reference, select the “Enter Referral Information” link at the top left, enter the new reference information, and hit “Submit” to save your changes.  An email requesting the letter of recommendation will be sent to them.

Technical questions or problems?:

For help and to report problems, please email