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Innovate Africa Conference

The uPivotal 2024 - Innovate Africa conference brings together esteemed academics and visionary tech entrepreneurs to discuss the importance of project-based problem-solving curricula in driving innovation and socioeconomic development across the African continent. Influential speakers will share their insights and experiences on how such curricula can empower students to become change agents and innovators. They will delve into the transformative role education plays in shaping the future of Africa, emphasizing the need for practical, project-oriented approaches to solve real-world challenges.

uPivotal 2024 presents amazing networking opportunities. After engaging in enlightening breakout sessions, attendees, whether in-person or virtually, will have the chance to connect with their fellow participants. Through Zoom chat and other platforms, they can share contact information, insights, and ideas, fostering lasting connections with individuals who share their passion for innovation and problem-solving. These connections will transcend borders and disciplines, creating a dynamic network of aspiring entrepreneurs, educators, and industry experts who are dedicated to driving positive change in Africa through collaborative efforts.


Past Event
Thursday, April 4, 2024 - Friday, April 5, 2024
13 Appian Way
Askwith Hall, Longfellow Building, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cambridge, MA 02138 US