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Below are documents from the Media Re:public project as well as contributions from speakers and participants. If you have materials you'd like to make available to conference attendees, please email them to Persephone Miel

Media Re:public Documents

Presentations, Video and Materials from Participants

  • Our Audiences, Ourselves, How Participatory Media has and hasn't Revolutionised the News
    March 27 talk by BBC Global News Director Richard Sambrook
    Slides  Video
  • The Web Difference
    March 28 talk by David Weinberger
    Presentation in .pdf
  • Parsing the Political Blogosphere (the pretty colored dots)
    March 28 talk by John Kelly
    Presentation in .pdf
  • A new business model for free media
    March 28 presentationby Doc Searls
  • Networked Journalism, SuperMedia: Saving Journalism So It Can Save The World
    New book by Charlie Beckett of Polis

Recommended Reading