Feb 5 2013 12:30pm to Feb 5 2013 12:30pm

Coding as a Liberal Art

Diana Kimball, Berkman Center Fellow

February 5, 12:30pm ET
Berkman Center for Internet & Society, 23 Everett St, 2nd Floor

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What is the purpose of a liberal arts education? Commencement speakers have assured generations of college graduates that the real value is less in what they've learned than in how they've learned to think. This talk will present a personal case study in learning to think through code. Along the way, it will argue that coding belongs not just on the periphery of the liberal arts, but at the center of a new canon.

About Diana

Diana is an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. While at Harvard College, Diana Kimball studied history; after graduation, she moved to California to design software. Upon returning to campus two years later, she decided to begin learning how to build software in earnest. Since that moment, she has written countless surprisingly useful scripts, survived the college's introductory computer science course, and launched two full-fledged web applications.

As a co-creator of ROFLCon, Diana's interest in internet culture runs deep. Most recently, this interest has expressed itself in her programming pursuits and in her efforts to apply an open-source ethos to mentoring. She's also exploring the concept of total authorship as it relates to art.


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