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What Women Want: How Candidates and Companies Hurt and Help Themselves with Women Today

What Women Want: How Candidates and Companies Hurt and Help Themselves with Women Today

Lisa Stone, Founder of BlogHer

What Women Want: How Candidates and Companies Hurt and Help Themselves with Women Today
So, Britney Spears, America Ferrera and a Soccer Mom walk into a bar...

In the coming decade, political candidates, consumer brands and new technologies will be made or broken by their ability to embrace the habits and demands of the most powerful consumers and voters in the world: Techno-savvy American women.  This powerful demographic controls 83 percent of household spending as well as the majority of votes in the U.S. Today, thanks to the Internet and to the new social media tools embraced by female consumers, American women online represent stunning economic and political power -- and a rapidly morphing target.

In her talk on the ballooning habits of adult women online, Lisa Stone shares how U.S. presidential candidates and household brands have helped--and hurt--themselves by failing to understand what many women online increasingly demand. This insider's guide to how women are translating their words into action includes a discussion on the failures and triumphs of:,, Facebook, Starbucks, Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, and pending legislation on post-partum depression.

About Lisa

The originator of BlogHer, award-winning journalist and blogger Lisa Stone has launched successful blog networks and interactive programming for many national brands, including Hearst and Rodale magazines, E! Television/Online, HBO’s Sex and the City, Knight Ridder Digital, American Lawyer Media and Glam Media. While executive producer and Editor in Chief/VP, Programming for, Lisa launched an 18-channel network and helped grow it to a Top 30 site overseeing all original content programming and newsletters, including a team of 25 and an annual budget of $3 MM. Her team’s best-known work included Bachelors of Silicon Valley, The | Bloomberg Index, RU A 10? and Majority 2000, an election initiative with Good Housekeeping and Gallup. Lisa has written for The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Oakland Tribune, Publisher’s Weekly and Frommer’s, among other publications. She is the first internet journalist awarded a Nieman Fellowship by Harvard University. Lisa’s personal blog, Surfette, began as an extension of her 2004 convention blog for the Los Angeles Times.


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